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Trendy Hairstyles of the Season

Posted by Reuben Ray on

What hairstyles stood out the runway?

With the shift of seasons, we thought that your wardrobe isn't the only one that deserves an upgrade - your hair too!

We just found out the best hairstyles that dominated today's fashion and we're bringing them to you.
Get ready to stylize your hair and show off your crowning glory. Included are looks from celebrities and models that you can easily copy.

Trendy Hairstyle # 1 - Shiny Sleek

Image Credits: Harpers Bazaar | Pinterest | Elle 

Time to give curls a go and say hello again to silky straight hair. The shiny sleek look is probably one of the first hairstyles we've mastered back in high school. The trick to achieving a perfectly sleek look is a good conditioner and blow-dry routine after washing.

Since this look portrays sophistication, a great accessory to compliment is a fierce pair of metallic earrings.

Featured Items:
Crystal Star Earring
Cross Pendant Hoops
Triple Drop Earring

Trendy Hairstyle # 2 - Low Pony

Image Credits: Elle |  Harpers Bazaar

Next, is a style you can easily pull off - the low pony. This is recommended by renowned stylist Jamie Stevens. Whether you're heading to a simple errand or a meeting at work, this chic style got you covered. Add a ribbon for a pretty finish.

To attract more attention, dazzle up your look with a pair of festive tassel earrings. Here are our recommended styles:

Featured Items:
Fringed Drop Earrings
Pink Jewel Earrings
Fringed Fan Earrings

Trendy Hairstyle # 3 - Fringes/Bangs

Image Credits: Glamour |  Smoke Signal

Because of the great comeback of vintage fashion, fringes or bangs are in the trend spotlight again. You can choose any type of fringe - go thick, thin, or even wavy!

Fortunately, any pair of accessory can go with this look. Choose either tassel or metallic! Here are our recommended items:

Featured Items:
Crochet Tassel Earring
Crystal Stud Earring
Gold Circle Earring

Trendy Hairstyle # 4 - Dreamy Accessories

Image Credits: Elle

Aside from high ponytail, another style for long hair is putting on a dreamy accessory. You don't need to be in a fairytale to look like a princess. Studded clips or fascinators can do the trick! 

Take a look at these dainty fascinators:

Featured Items:
Elizabeth Headpiece
Amelia Headpiece
Layla Headpiece

Trendy Hairstyle # 5 - Braids

Image Credits: Elle | Harpers Bazaar 

Braids are not something new to us, however, the loose braid look is what the trend demands. The more messy it looks, the better. Elle UK says that style experts call this an element of "modern romance." Make it look silkier with a touch of oil or hair serum.

Make your braids standout with any pair of statement earrings:

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