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Chic Ways to Organize Your Accessories

Posted by Reuben Ray on

Say hello to trendy clean-up tricks.

Accessories are what makes an outfit complete. Every look is more attractive with a touch of statement earrings or trendy bags.

However, the downside of having too many accessories is the mess they can make in your closet or vanity table.

Luckily, we found ideas to keep your jewelry and bags in place. Here are chic ways to organize your accessories.

Because who said that having a trendy collection is always messy?

# 1 - The Drawer

If you love anything sophisticated, the drawer is your suitable style. Deciding for your accessory for the day is easier when looking at an organized cleanout drawer.

Photo by Design Home Co | Fresh American

The drawer is perfect for your most beloved watches or studded rings.

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# 2 - The Hanger/Pin up

Are you a certified craft lover? If DIY is something that gives you the thrill, then opt for the pin up style.

This style can serve as an instant home decor/organizer in your hippie bedroom.

Photo by LatestLifestyle | Fashion Lush | Coco Kelley

Statement earrings, shoulder bags with long straps, and necklaces work best for this organizer.

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# 3 - The Clear Box

You're probably the person who love to combine form and function. If you believe that organizing should be at its prettiest, then the clear box is your best choice.

Photos by Savor Home | Justin Colegrove

For someone who is fond of displaying their favorite bangles, cuffs and flat earrings, the clear box is perfect.

This is also great for keeping your fascinators and headbands away from dust.

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