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Fun Valentine's Date Ideas

Posted by Esther Maris on

Let us add twist to your Vday 2018.

Alright, it will only take 2 weeks before Valentine's Day.
Do you already have an idea on how to celebrate it with your beau?

If you don't want your Valentine's Day to be typical, then check out our prepared date ideas.

This only happens once a year, so make it worth it!

DATE # 1 - Hiking or Camping

This date idea is perfect for the active couple. Disconnect from social media and take time to recharge with your loved one in nature. Have your tents ready, tighten your shoelaces because you and your bae are bound to trek the mountains! Don't worry, the view up there will be worth it.
If given the chance, set up a bonfire and enjoy smores!

We're sure that this Valentine's trip will take your stress away.

DATE # 2 - Wine Tasting!

Wine tasting is fun, different, and unexpected. Not everyone will be fond of this trip but if you and you're partner are up for something new, then go for it! You can check online the nearest wine schedule events in your area.

At the end of the day, you'll get to learn more about wines and which one will suit your tastes the most.
To make things more exciting: Make it a double date and set up a "wine guessing game" with the other pair!

DATE # 3 - Have a Roadtrip

Love traveling? Why not try having a joyride trip with him! Go somewhere you've never been to. Listen to fun music while having a long drive together. You can also have a mini picnic while taking a break.

But, make sure to stock up on fuel and extra tyres.

DATE # 4 - Cookfest at Home

So.. you and your partner are homebodies. Don't worry, because you can still make your Valentine's date celebration fun without going out. Have a cookfest at home! Yes, this is not a typical candlelight dinner at home. Add thrill by having a cookfest against him!

Whoever wins will get a prize - and you decide ;)

DATE # 5 - A Movie Marathon Back in Time

Last but not the least is another date idea for the homebody couple. How about hosting a movie marathon for the two of you? But this time, don't choose mainstream movies. Pick movies that became blockbusters back in the days. Make sure to have different genres that you haven't watched yet.

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