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Perfect Outfit Styles for Your Watches

Posted by Esther Maris on

Have the best #OOTD look for your watch

Mix and match do not only apply to clothes. Another thing you need to take into consideration with your outfit is a perfect watch. A look can be too plain or too much when worn with the wrong timepiece. Before heading out, make sure that your #OOTD best matches with your watch.

That's why we have prepared outfit ideas that will flawlessly match your classic or contemporary watches.

Make these as your inspiration and we're sure that you'll never have a fashion mistake ever.



Image Credits: @ps.shadesofmylife | @mrturner | MjSicilia | Marilyn Lopez

Work or business always calls for the formal look. Yes, we're talking about the sleek slacks and boss blouses. The best option to wear with a formal look is a classic watch with a minimalist style. Timepieces with neutral colors such as Black or Silver Grey, work best. Classic watches have a refined analog face in a smaller size.

Here are our suggested formal watches:

Featured items:

Black Rose Gold Classic

Silver Grey Classic

Matte Black Classic


Image Credits: Stylish Wife | Shopstyle | Hustle+Halcyon | The Closet Heroes

The casual look comes in when you're off to a weekend stroll in the mall or a to a date with bae. Contemporary watches with blush colors such as Rose Gold will bring out a chic vibe. Contemporary watches have a larger face compare to the classic. This style is recommended to achieve balance in your look.

Take a look at our contemporary watches:

Featured items:

Silver Rose Gold Pink

Rose Gold Grey

Rose Gold Ivory


Image Credits: | WelovetoStyle | @emxreblog

If you live the life of the trendy, we bet that your current favorite is the Street Style. Chill clothes such as loose shirts, jogger pants, and basic denim is what this look is all about. It is also one of the most posted #OOTDs on Instagram. Classic or Contemporary watches both look great with this type of outfits - but army colors are the best choice.

Classic or Contemporary watches both look great with this type of outfits - but army colors are the best choice - fashion bloggers are loving this color right now.

Pull off a perfect street outfit with these watches:

Featured items:

Matte Black Khaki Classic

Matte Black Contemporary

Rose Gold Khaki

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