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Tips to Clean Your Jewelry and Accessories

Posted by Esther Maris on

Easy DIY tips on cleaning your accessories.

Aside from keeping your accessories organized and neat, another habit you must remember is to keep them clean or sanitized. This will help your jewelry last longer and it will prevent you from having any infection or skin irritation. The more often you use your accessories, the more sweat and bacteria they accumulate.

It is advised that one must clean their jewelry at least once every 3 months. In fact, there's no need to go to a store and have them cleaned, there are easy ways you can do at home. Everything you need can be found in your kitchen or bathroom.


The gems in your sparkly ring or earrings can be cleaned by using a q-tip dipped in alcohol. Do not forget to wipe gently the hoops to remove bacteria.

For smaller studded gems, you can wrap them inside a cotton pad with alcohol.

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Learn this foolproof way of cleaning your silver/copper accessories!

First, is wash your accessories using baby shampoo. You can gently brush off the dirt by using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse it with cold water and your jewelry will be shiny and sleek again! Make sure to use a microfibre cloth when drying them.

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It is inevitable to have accessories that start to discolor or have tarnish. It often happens to necklaces and rings. Here is a remedy to remove them and bring your jewelry back to their shiny look.

Prepare an aluminum plate and place at least a cup of warm water. Add a small portion of baking soda and mix.

Place your accessory in the mixture for at least 1 minute.

Check if the tarnish is removed and rinse with water.

Wipe your accessory with a microfibre cloth.

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