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How to Have a Pretty and Productive Workspace

Posted by Reuben Ray on

Make your workspace, your haven.

If you're someone who spends most of their week in the office, then you must have a functional workspace.
When we say functional, we mean stylish and productive. A workspace designed to boost your focus and productivity is a great help in achieving your goals.

Having a productive workspace is as important as having a trendy wardrobe. It has been proven that job satisfaction can be easily achieved in a functional workspace.

Thus, we are featuring tips on how you can design a workspace that you'd love to go to every day.

TIP # 1 - Get proper lighting

Natural lighting is important to your workspace. Studies have proved that proper lighting has a significant effect on one's productivity. The focus is increased and work speed is enhanced.

So always choose a spot where you can make most out of the natural light. The brighter, the better.

Image Credits: Searching Hearts | Serramina | Elegant-Decor

TIP # 2- Choose a theme

The next thing you need to consider is the color theme in your workspace. Stick to a color theme with at least 2-3 colors to have an organized and professional look.

Here are our top 3 recommended workspace themes:

Image Credits: Elv-s | Pinterest | Cassandra Lavelle

a. Monochrome - If you want to keep a neat workspace with less colors, the minimalist style will suit you well. This features the common color combination of black and white.

b. Pastel - If you want a dainty look, then the pastel color theme won't fail you. The pastel pink is the famous color palette.

c. Creative - Go all out with the creative theme that features a lot of accents, decor, and inspiration. This theme works bests for designers and artists.

TIP # 3 - Fill your Space with Flowers

Because the Spring season is here, make sure that you have floral accents in your workspace. The presence of plants and flowers will instantly make your desk standout and chic.

 Image via: Shelby White | Tumblr | Happinessbtq

TIP # 4 - Don't forget to flatlay!

Share with others your beautifully designed workspace by taking a photo and shooting a flatlay! Our Reuben Ray Watches are the best in making your flatlays better than the others. Here are some inspiration from bloggers who posted about us:

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