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Outfit Inspirations for Your Handbag

Posted by Esther Maris on

Make your bag OOTD flawless.

Summer bags are now gaining the limelight in today's trend. A lot of bloggers are now showing off their looks and it's all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Even though summer bags go with any outfit, some are still failing to pull off the summer bag look. So, we rounded up tips so that you can avoid having a fashion mistake.

We looked up the best outfit styles that you can use as inspirations. Also, we included outfit inspo for the versatile and basic crossbody and tote bags!

# 1 Straw Bag

The straw bag is in the frontline of the fashion trend. To pull off the best straw bag #ootd, pair it with a dreamy summer ensemble! A flowy wrap dress with statement sleeves that will gain looks can do the trick.

You can also opt for a printed poncho or romper. Don't forget the words - dreamy and dainty.

 Image via: Sydney Style | The Love Cats Inc | Brit | Lonestarsouther | Journal

Get your very own straw bag here:

# 2 Clutch Bag

Another bag that's gaining rounds on the internet is the shiny bamboo clutch bag. If Spring will have an official bag for this year, this would be it.

So, how do fashion experts style this bag? Simple, they add accessories to make it more interesting. Scarfs or bold keychains will give a pop of color and transform the bag from simple to spring-ready.

 Image via: Jeans from a Teacup | SapphireDiaries | @blaireadiebee | afashionlinetumblr

Have your very own bamboo clutch bag and style it!

# 3 Basic Crossbody Bag

For corporate and casual outfits, the basic crossbody bag comes in. 

Although this bag is basic and also goes with anything, bloggers have a tip to make to avoid your #OOTD in being boring.
It's the power of skirts! Outfits with leather and denim look chic to small crossbody bags.

 Image via: BlackTees | ParisFashionn | afashionablewoman | Pinterest

Achieve those looks with our crossbody bag:


# 4 Tote Bags

Last on our list is the sassy tote bag.
Those who have a handful of essentials to bring are fond of this style.

Most tote bags are simple and plain, there are only a few tote bags with vivid prints and design. Thus, bloggers think that a pretty top (like a chic off-shoulder) is all you need when using the tote bag. It gives your #OOTD a balanced look.

 Image via: Buzztendency | Modern Vintage Boutique | Outfits Hunter

Get your own sassy tote here:

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