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How to Keep Your Leather Watch Clean

Posted by Esther Maris on

Tips on how to keep this classic accessory sleek.

Whether your outfit mood is classy or casual, a leather watch will always be a great match. This is one of the reasons why it's the most preferred watch style. However, the beauty of leather doesn't last forever. There will be instances where the leather will fade, crack or even mildew - especially during the hot season. It will be more exposed to sweat, heat, and sand.
But do not fret, because there are ways of keeping your leather watch clean and long-lasting.


If you're used to wearing your watch tightly, we suggest that you break that habit. That prevents correct blood circulation in your wrist and it will cause your leather strap early deterioration. Always wear it with just the right fit.


Just like us, our watch strap needs to breathe. You're not supposed to wear it 24/7 - it will cause them to have more dirt and bad odor. Allow it to have a break by removing it when you sleep and bathe. But, never dry it under the sun. Always keep it air dry.

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You can clean your watch at least once every 2 months. But if your arms are often sweaty, you can clean it once a month.

You will only need a soft or microfibre cloth and a gentle hand soap in cleaning your straps.

1st Step
Wipe your watch strap with a microfibre cloth to remove any surface dirt.

2nd Step
Use a different soft cloth and damp it with lukewarm water. Then, put a small dab of mild moisturizing hand soap. (Tip: Never soak your strap in water)

3rd Step
Wipe your strap in a gentle and circular motion with the damp and soapy cloth.

4th Step
Dry the strap with a clean microfibre cloth. Make sure it will be dry in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Additional tip:
You may apply leather conditioner once it is fully dry. There are a lot of affordable leather conditioners in supermarkets.

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