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5 Style Staples Every Woman Should Own

Posted by Esther Maris on

Make sure these are present in your wardrobe.

Your closet wanders through trends. With the change of seasons, there would be an alteration of your favorites and go to items. But, it's important that you have things which are constantly ready for any outfit regardless of the seasons.

A style staple can be a timeless accessory or ensemble. It can serve as your quick choice when you don't have the luxury of time when deciding what to wear. They are versatile and suitable for any situation.

Here are top 5 style staples your wardrobe should have!

# 1 Ballet Flats

When you add chic with comfortable, you get ballet flats!
Fortunately, a basic ballet flat can be a dress up or dress down match. Here are some style inspo:

Image by Stockholm | Framboisefashion | Vogue

# 2 Classic Black Pants

If you have an LBD for parties, then you must definitely have a pair of black pants for casual strolls on weekends! Whether it's high waist or low rise, these pants go with all.

Image by PinterestBrittany BlackgateDahong

# 3 Clutch

An evening clutch is the best option when you're going out and you only need to bring your essentials. Make sure you have one sassy clutch in your closet.

Image by Natalie | Hello Fashion Preview

# 4 Scarf

If you want to instantly upgrade your outfit with minimum effort, go for a scarf. This small cloth beauty can do wonders for any look.

Image by Spot Pop Fash | Tommyton | The Fashion Cuisine

# 5 Watch

An #OOTD is plain without the presence of a watch. Because it is the epitome of fashion mixed with function. Make sure you have this staple always worn, wherever you go. Check out our Classic and Contemporary Watch that is perfect for all of your outfits.

Image by: @luxeforless | @mrs_nine | @blair_Badge

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